Silicon Carbide Impregnation - BORE TREATMENT

Silicon Carbide Impregnation - BORE TREATMENT

Cylinder Liners

The Laystall Laycarb® silicon carbide impregnation process virtually eliminates bore wear and bore polish which is particularly advantageous in maintaining engine efficiency and emissions over long service periods. The Laycarb® process has been used in aircraft, automotive, industrial, military, marine and rail traction engines over many years. Laycarb® silicon carbide impregnation can be applied to engine cylinder liners or directly into the bores of cylinder blocks. The Laycarb® know how is available for licensing to those customers wishing to incorporate the process within their own engine production line.

Laycarb ® Silicon Carbide Impregnation

The Laycarb® process impregnates silicon carbide particles into the surface of the complete cylinder bore. The Laycarb® process, used in heavy duty diesel engines, gives improved bore wear resistance and virtually eliminates bore polish which can be a serious problem in highly rated engines. The Laycarb® process removes a minimal amount of material in the bore so fully finished bores can be treated. Generally, there is no need to change the piston or ring materials, however Laystall can provide technical advice on this if required. An application of the process is in extending bore life, hence maintaining emission levels when using high EGR where abrasive wear can be a major problem.

Recent Developments - Localised Treatment

In order to provide many of the benefits of Laycarb® in terms of wear and scuff resistance but at substantially reduced unit cost, Laystall has developed a new process capable of treating the bore surface in a highly localised manner. Using this new process, substantially less consumables are used and a higher degree of controllability of the process is obtained. As much less waste is produced during the process, substantially less post treatment cleaning is required, and in the case of block treatment little or no masking is required. Treatment schemes can consist of through bore or ring reversal zones in a band. The width and position of the band can be closely controlled and consistently repeated for series production. In common with the Laycarb® process, cylinder liners or engine blocks may be treated.

A variety of materials and coatings can be supplied to offer the best possible solution.

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