Product Range

Product Range

Cylinder Liners


Laystall manufactures a range of Cromard steel cylinder liners with a minimum wall thickness of 1mm and hard chrome plating in the bore. The hard chrome finish in the bore is micro-channelled using a silicon carbide abrasive process that results in improved lubrication retention and an optimised plateau finish. The plateau finish helps to ensure long piston ring life whilst minimising the retained oil film for reduce emissions and oil consumption. Laystall Cromard steel cylinder liners are supplied pre- finished in the bore, no machining is required once fitted in the engine. Liners can be provided with a ground and graded outside diameter together with a variety of flange sizes including flame lips. In addition to normal service grades of the liner outside diameter, oversize versions may be provided for special engine overhaul requirements. Click to view our Cromard® range


The Laystall Laycarb silicon carbide impregnation process virtually eliminates bore wear and bore polish which is particularly advantageous in maintaining engine efficiency and emissions over long service periods. The Laycarb process has been used in aircraft, automotive, industrial, military, marine and rail traction engines over many years. Laycarb silicon carbide impregnation can be applied to engine cylinder liners or directly into the bores of cylinder blocks. The Laycarb know how is available for licensing to those customers wishing to incorporate the process within their own engine production line. Click for more info on Laycarb®

Cast iron Cylinder Liners

Laystall can provide a whole range of spun cast iron products to customer specification at competitive prices. Liners may be fully finished or semi-finished for boring in the block.

Specialist & High Performance Cylinder Liners

We have the ability to produce small batches of cylinder liners for specialist applications such as motorsport, classic and vintage vehicles, aero engines, marine, refrigeration, and compressors. Click for more info on Specialist & High Performance Cylinder Liners

Kit Sets

A wide variety of kit sets can be supplied.
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